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If you would like a “free, No obligation” accurate appraisal do not hesitate to book a time below for me to attend your property.

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Thank you for requesting a market value update for your property.

Dear Garry & Barbara,

Thank you for reaching out to Jaz Realty for a current market evaluation of your property situated at 80 Chelsea Crescent, Minyama QLD 4575.

I hope that you will find the information below useful and of interest.

You will see that we have included a pdf document specific to your property showing properties that are currently on the market that are similar to yours, as well as similar properties that have recently sold. This is called a Market Analysis.

Please bear in mind that finding price comparables is not always easy, especially if your property is unique, and if there are low numbers of properties on the market in your area.

In order to be able to appraise your property, we look at various aspects that affect the prices.

For example, the size of the land, the condition and features of the property, and what improvements and additions you have might made to the property since purchase.

We also take into consideration the current market conditions and our knowledge of what has recently sold in your area.

Once we have collated this information, we are able to arrive at an approximate idea as to what your property could be worth in today’s market.

This is what we term a “Desktop Appraisal” and it is normally presented as a guide between two price parameters such as $950,000 – $1,100,000.

In order to make this figure more accurate and precise, we would of course need to visit your property and discuss the home in more detail.

If you have any questions regarding any information contained within this email and the attached documents, please contact me to arrange a time to meet to talk about your home and your requirements.

At Jaz Realty we listen to you and work with you towards a common goal.

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22nd of March 2024

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Jaz Realty is an independent real estate business situated on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Owned and operated by Jaz Hoy, our main emphasis is on providing our clients with exceptional service and excellent results. Ethical behaviour and professional conduct are at the top of our agenda in all our dealings with every one of our clients.

“It is important to us to work with our clients as well as working for them, ensuring a clear understanding of the job in hand every step of the way.”

Jaz Realty is a company that thrives on listening to YOU and subsequently achieving an outcome with which all are delighted.  We respect our clients and they appreciate our POD and premium identity, as well as our honest and informed advice.

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